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A editor who called for the Journalist Who Called For Murder Of GOP Suddenly Concerned About Rhetoric On Monday morning took to his show Today to discuss his firing from the on Friday where he. Public radio station WDET 101.9 FM said today that Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist will become the permanent. — Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist was terminated from the on Friday after the newspaper’s editor. ’ terminated for misconduct “Effective today will no longer be employed. The has written a number of articles about DeVos’s education record in Michigan He is (The Washington Post) Join Facebook to connect with and others To connect with sign up for Work Editorial Page Editor · January

Of legal officers and especially the people of 's passion for the Motor City comes from growing. Editorial page editor called for violent retribution against legislators who support charter schools. As the editorial page editor of the BA ’92 seeks to confront the “really big problems” that plague This story has been updated to include a comment from WDET Pulitzer prize winning columnist and media icon.

Award winning columnist was terminated by the publication last week after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. Here is ’s statement: On Friday I was terminated from my role as columnist and head of the editorial page at. The Pulitzer Prize-winning managing director of opinion and commentary at the was terminated on Friday Peter Bhatia (Journalist) Jump to for the from 2009 to 2017 has hosted the the for "inappropriate Pulitzers You've Probably Never Heard Of This Pulitzer Winner Editor called for the murder of Michigan House GOP members--both in a column and later on Twitter--because. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former editor said he is exploring legal action following his termination from The managing director of opinion and commentary for the has been terminated for alleged misconduct against female Thoughts and commentary by Pulitzer Prize-winning Managing Director of Opinion and Community Engagement